Stanford's Outstanding Performances

Thanks to our professional coaches, Stanford swimmers have won victories repeatedly in open competitions. We won over 1,000 prizes in 2013-2014, it was remarkable! Everyone was proud of being a Stanford swimmer.

Swim for the Victories of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Swimming Team has recruited a number of Stanford’s very-owned Winner swimming team members to represent Hong Kong in the open competitions all over the world and swam for victories of Hong Kong!


* Stanford’s owned swimming team “Winner Athletic Association” is an affiliated club of HKASA (Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association).

Breaking the long-standing backstroke record of Alex Fong

Stanford’s Winner Athletic Association has nurtured many swimming stars along the years. The story of our member Fung Chun Ho breaking the long-standing backstroke record of Alex Fong has became a piece of big news in the swimming community.

Open Competition Results

Stanford's Winner Team, is the CHAMPION of "Hong Kong Age Group Short Course Swimming Championships 2014-2015" - we are proud of the outstanding results and remarkable performances in Hong Kong swimming competitions.



Inter-School Competition Results

Stanford has developed the school teams for a number of top local schools, which keep on delivering notable results in the inter-school competitions and brought honor and esteem for their schools!




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