Over 60,000 members experienced Stanford's patent swimming course

A lifelong present for your children

Mastering Survival Skills

Increasing Body Immunity

Indulge your kids in the fun of water sports.

A right level of coldness can stimulate cardiac activity, accelerate blood circulation, enhance resistance to coldness and    improve body immune system.

Defending Against Respiratory Diseases

Effective Sports for Weight Loss

Swimming can ameliorate asthma and strengthen respiratory system.

Swimming is effective weight loss sports with low pressure to joints.

Positive impact on Children's Learning Capabilities

Research proved that swimming has positive effects on mathematics, oral, visual-spatial and athletic performances.

Body coordination is the basis of children's physical development.  Continuous swim practice can promote the development of children's nervous system and muscle building, as well as the muscle strength and flexibility.

Strengthening Body Coordination

Stress Release

Adversity Training

Swimming can reduce stress level so that children can face homework and examinations with greater ease.

Swim learning requires patience and persistence, which in turn cultivates the children's perseverance, positive attitude and capacity to resisting adversity.